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Green and renewable energy
The government has been accelerating the green power and renewable energy industries to enable Taiwan’s wind power industry exportable to the world and establish the perfect position in the Asia-Pacific region.
Precision health
The government has been constructing Taiwan as a global benchmark country for precision health and science and technology epidemic prevention, including precision prevention, diagnosis care systems, and the expansion of international biomedical business opportunities.
Information and digital
The government has been actively promoting artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to promote Taiwan to become a digital base that contributes to global prosperity and security.
Cyber security
With the widespread application of digital technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things, cyber security is the most important pillar to ensure the smooth development of the six core strategic industries.
Strategic stockpiles
It's important to a country that can ensure the supply of key materials and stabilize the major supply chains, such as energy independence, food security, civilian materials, medical materials, disaster relief, and sand and cement.
National defense and strategic industries
Focusing on core technologies of aerospace, ships, national brands in space to make Taiwan an important role on its national defense and strategic position in the world.